Must Follows on Twitter

This is a list of absolute must follow twitter accounts if you want to stay in tuned with the Live Music Scene:

@LiveNation – Constantly tweeting about upcoming LiveNation concert events which are being held. LiveNation sells tickets for many artists in the industry currently, and therefore is a must follow in order to receive the most updated information regarding all their shows.

@concertconfess – Self proclaimed as “Live Music reviews by fans, for fans” Concert Confessions delivers intimate reviews from actual fans attending the concerts. Its a personal take on concert reviews.

@toronto_event – Must follow for people in the Toronto/GTA, consistently updates news and information regarding upcoming concerts within the Toronto and the GTA.

@TheDanforthMH – A venue which I am constantly working concerts at and therefore will update you of the many shows I will be attending.

@soundacademy – Another venue where I consistently get work, it will be worth to follow to get instant information regarding all the shows happening at Sound Academy.


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