Summary: Evolution of Cyberspace into Social Media

The use of social media in today’s culture could be a lengthy debate with both sides presenting valid points, and in some sense neither being wrong. Social media is so entrenched within our society you now see most commercials on television, the radio or magazines displaying the messages “Like Us on Facebook” or “Follow Us on Twitter”. That being said, clearly people are going to have different views regarding the identity we portray on social media sites.

Following my previous blog post, the feedback I received was mostly positive, but I was left with some wonderful questions to ponder and therefore I am posting this summary in order to discuss the statements I have received. Firstly, I was asked “I think my main question for you is what do you think you will do as the possibility of being anonymous on the internet continues to decrease?” This is an excellent question and caused me to follow up and read the blog of the individual where I found more information regarding privacy on the internet. Upon reading their blog I discovered that Google is now tracking individuals searches through their e-mail addresses. Although it is nearly impossible to avoid being tracked on the internet, there are still ways to stay anonymous. One tip I learned and lean on heavily is the importance of having a single anonymous e-mail address. I currently have several e-mail addresses, but I have one which is completely anonymous and has no relation with myself. No alternate e-mail, fake name, fake information and so forth. The e-mail address I use for personal use is given only to individuals I know and can trust. For various website sign-ups among other forms needed to be completed on the internet, I use my anonymous e-mail and information so there is no affiliation with myself. Anonymous accounts are the easiest way to travel through the depths of cyberspace without being tracked.

Another comment I received discusses the immense benefits of using social media. There are many fascinating benefits from social media, this goes saying without debate. Everyone understands the positives, this is why social media has expanded to the worldwide powerhouse it is now. The importance is displaying the negative aspects of social media sites that are not talked about. Young children joining social media sites for the first time are unaware of the repercussions of having a profile on social media sites. They must be taught this in order to make their own decisions, regarding their own privacy.

Thank-You for all the comments, they were greatly appreciated.

Phil Medeiros


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