Summary: Internet Producers and Copyright Laws

This blog will be a response to the comments on my article ‘Internet Producers and Copyright Laws’. A comment which I received that I would like to address firstly, is in regards to the strong presence of copyright laws on youTube. Yes, youTube does have strong copyright laws, and they continue to strengthen their presence on youTube. When youTube first arrived on the internet many years ago, an individual could find any type of videos they were looking for, regardless of copyright.

A prime example I look to is videos from the popular show Saturday Night Live. When youTube first arrived, I specifically remember searching throughout youTube for various SNL sketches, and would consistently be able to find the sketches I was looking for, regardless of year. This can no longer be done on youTube as they do not have the copyright to broadcast SNL sketches. This displays the growing presence of copyright laws on youTube. At first, youTube was counterintuitive in regards to copyright laws, unwilling to ‘play fair’ and simply sought out to provide its users with the videos they wanted by any means necessary. The growth of youTube however, has put this to an abrupt end.

Another rebuttal I received that I would like to address is in regards to my involvement in fantasy sports. Some interesting points were brought forth, mainly that there seem to be little to none copyright battles in regards to fantasy sports. I believe the reason for this is that fantasy sports delivers more wanted attention to the sports, and therefore are gladly welcomed by major sport organizations such as the National Football League, among others. Whereas a website like youTube attracts attention from DVD sales, considering if there were no copyright laws you could just watch the videos on their website, fantasy sports attract more attention to the main product. When you participate in fantasy sports, you must consistently watch the games in order to be effective. Therefore, fantasy sports simply attract more viewers and increase ratings, pleasing the major sports leagues.

What I’ve learned this week is that not all people are aware of the strict copyright laws associated with youTube. This is because youTube at first was considered an underground website where people were able to upload anything, regardless of copyright laws. YouTube when on to become a massive worldwide website, and therefore copyright began to rear its ugly head, forcing the website to deal with the strict laws. All content on youTube is now controlled and monitored, and therefore must abide by the correct copyright laws.


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