Response: Twitter Taking Citizen Journalism to New Heights

After writing my post on the growth of citizen journalism because of social media, specifically Twitter, I received some great feedback from readers. I would like to take the time to address these comments, and respond.

All comments I received specifically described the correlation between Twitter and citizen journalism as being very prevalent. One comment stated the impact Twitter had on the plane landing in the Hudson River, being reported firstly on Twitter over media news outlets. Similarly, just over the weekend, another example of citizen journalism happening via Twitter occurred during the plane crash landing in San Francisco, as passengers, in addition to people at the airport, first reported the crash. Individuals took to Twitter to share with the world the tragedy which happened, and pictures of the crash fluttered Twitter. I personally received the information regarding the crash landing via Twitter, therefore millions of others must of found out in the same regards, therefore showing the power Twitter now has in regards to citizen journalism.

In addition, another comment I received stressed the importance of maintaining proper print and television journalism. The reason being is since Twitter is for anyone to use, credentials are worthless as any citizen can report what is going on. I agree with this to some extent, but I feel citizen journalism is the most accurate way to report news. The reason being is that certified news publications such as newspapers and magazines, in addition to television news, allows for far too much bias and corruption to take place. Media outlets are strictly prohibited from showcasing any news that is not approved by an editor. The editor has someone to answer to as well, and the chain continues. Twitter allows for spontaneous news to be delivered to the masses without a filter. Although credentials are non-existent on  Twitter, the idea of information being given by individuals without any filter is what makes citizen journalism on Twitter so appealing. If anything, news outlets must change to adapt to the growth of citizen journalism, as people can now simply refresh Twitter to find all the breaking news occurring throughout the world. Every news outlet now has a Twitter page to adapt to this trend.

I have learned that others feel the same as I do, Twitter is now the most frequently used device to achieve news, and therefore citizen journalism has reached heights only imagined previously, and continues to grow. Journalism credentials are a thing of the past. With the ease associated with using Twitter, news can be delivered by anyone at anytime, anywhere across the world.

*This article is in response to the comments left by individuals on my previous post which you can find here.


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