Summary: How People Feel About The Music Industry and Copyright Laws

The issue of copyright laws and the music industry is one which many people feel very passionate about. Music is an art form, which captivates people, and brings out their personal feelings regarding it. In regards to my previous post, Music Industry and Copyright Laws, I received some feedback that I would like to elaborate on.

Mostly, people seem to agree with me in the idea that providing fans with free music, will only increase their chances of buying albums when released. An interesting point brought forth which I did not discuss in my previous point is the increased amount of concerts due to generate more revenue for artists. This benefits both sides heavily. The amount of concerts being showcased is increasing dramatically, as well as the price to attend concerts. People do not seem upset about the increase price of concerts, as they get to see their favourite artists, as well as support them. This is a fair way for artists to generate more revenue, as the fans get what they want in return.

Another comment discusses the amount of exposure artists receive because of the same tool record labels despise, the Internet. This is not only a fantastic point, but incredibly true. Artists can now provide their music on the Internet for anyone to hear, leading to much more exposure. In a sense, artists who complain about piracy can be replaced with those who just want their music to be heard by the masses regardless of profit. There have been countless artists who have become famous due to Internet fame; dare I bring up Justin Bieber? Although this is true, this does not really relate to the issue of Internet piracy.

Although this helps artists get exposure, this does not really stop fans from pirating their music once they have become famous. This is why I believe the way to help resolve this issue is for artists to release free music themselves. The generosity they display by giving away free music will be returned when they release an album through a record label. I think the Internet and music will be intertwined from this moment on. Personally, I think it is a wonderful thing as individuals are able to search for any kind of music they want, rather than having music shoved down their throats via radio stations and television channels. That being said, once people have found artists they appreciate, and listened to the free music given to them, they should support that artists when they sell an album, or do a show in their hometown.

*This response is based off of these comments


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