Podcast: Discussing the Best Concert Venues in Toronto

Determining the best concert venues in any city is going to a be a difficult task, especially in a city such as Toronto, known for its incredible music scene. I selected an article written by Travis Craine titled ‘The Best Live Music Venues in Toronto’ from the website, BlogTO as a starting point in my discussion on the best concert venues in Toronto. The reason I chose this article is because there is no better blog website when it comes to local matters, than BlogTo. Considering this website’s focal point is the city of Toronto, there is no better place to look when finding information on local venues.

Here is the link to the original post written by Travis Craine on BlogTO:


This is my podcast discussing the post:


Craine, T. (2010, December 27). The best live music venues in toronto. Retrieved from http://www.blogto.com/toronto/the_best_live_music_venues_in_toronto/


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